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Amaro Creative Industries brings new meaning to the expression 'food for thought', as well as 'thought for food'. Gastronomy, art, design and music come together in the work of Amaro Creative Industries.

Exploration of the unknown, and 'begeisterung' gets translated by Amaro and crew into inspired food, unpredictable concepts and experiences, a unique ceramics collection, and what not.

Andre Amaro, galloping culinairy creative, started up original projects at age 16, laying down the foundations for Amaro Creative Industries. Over the last 26 years, the company developed into a peerless creative monster. Enjoy our ride!

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amaro creative INDUSTRIES

Inleiding/beschrijving Amaro Industries.

Amaro Creative Industries geeft 'food for thought' nieuwe betekenis net zoals 'thought for food'. Gastronomie, kunst, design en muziek komen samen in het werk van Amaro Creative Industries.

Verkennen van het onbekende en 'begeisterung' vertaalt Amaro met zijn crew naar geïnspireerd eten, onvoorspelbare concepten en ervaringen, een unieke keramiekcollectie en wat al niet meer.

Andre Amaro, stampende culinaire creatief, startte op z'n 16de met originele projecten en legde daarmee de basis voor Amaro Creative Industries. Het bedrijf ontwikkelde zich in 26 jaar tot een creatief monster dat z'n weerga niet kent. Enjoy our ride!


Artist in Residence - Stroomhuis Eindhoven

In 2001, Amaro moved into the Stroomhuis (Powerhouse) in Eindhoven, and with him an endless stream of artists, musicians and other bunglers.?Originally the building housed a multitude of transformers, in their place workshops have arisen .
'A cookie press!' sqeals Andre Amaro, filled with enthousiasm and adrenalin, while he pulls a handle with sparkling eyes, setting a massive wheel in motion.?The newest asset sits upon a table surrounded by ceramics. Tiles, bowls, bottles and yes: porcelain cookies.
looking around the room you see the oven everything is baked in, countless bedside cabins stacked and filled with pots of glaze, and cabinets up to the ceiling four meters high.
The ceramics workshops, also living room, is quite a place! And merely one of many equally amazing breeding places in the building.
The chocolate workshop is just as delicious and possibly even more beautiful as the name would suggest. Here, moulds are being designed to be filled up with molten chocolate, only to be reborn as objects.
No easterbunny stuff, but really elaborate and detailed statues, toys and artifacts.
A silkscreen workshop for textiles and paper for all your graphic wet dreams, a sound studio, guestrooms, livingquarters for all who come to create something beautiful, and a giant cellar where many a party has been crowned in chaos.
It just never ends!
But the best thing about Het Stroomhuis may just be that it will never be finished.

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choco art


Chocolate is an aphrodiasiac. A miraculous substance which primarily consists of cacao, cacaobutter and sugar. But in spite of the small amount of ingredients it possesses the power to influence emotions. Reasons abound to go on an adventure.
The chocolate workshop was born in Het Stroomguis. Through a mixture of the right people and nightly, creative escapades, the first chocolate statues saw the light.
But what exactly is that, a chocolate workshop?
Delicious! No more, but certainly no less. But contrary to the milkybar in your kitchendrawer, these pieces, conjured up by creative imaginists, are also a joy for the eye.
A vintage videogame controler, the porcelain cat statue on your granny's chimney, a hand granade, human bodyparts, animal bodyparts, a lifesize Guadelupe with child (the Mexican appearance of Maria) and a record that despite its chocolate incarnation, actually plays on a recordplayer. These are all part of the collection, cast in silicone moulds, chocolate works of art.
The words found on many a tile 'an image says more that a thousand words' is also true for taste, meaning this short introduction will never be able to do justice to our chocolate workshop.
Sigmund Freud dedicated his life to the theory that every man suffers from chronic misfortune.
If he were alive today, and if we were to invite him in the spirit of equal sharing, after a visit to our chocolate workshop, Sigmund might just be inclined to reasses his theory.


Silkscreen printery/ graphic workshop

Sixteen years of age, and freshly arrived in the Netherlands, Andre Amaro found a silkscreen table in the dump.
Without any knowledge of the purpose of the object, he took it home, where his friends told him it was a device to print on textile and paper. 'That is cool!' he thought, thereby taking his first step onto the road of the graphic arts.
Through the years, he was also grabbed by photography, lithography, woodcarving and etching. All of these were combined under the moniker of Graphic Disobedience.
A collective with Andre at the helm, driven by inspiration.
These days the graphic spark is present in a graphic workshop for children, a silkscreen printery for t-shirts and posters at Het Stroomhuis in Eindhoven, and on the plates from which everyone at his restaurant eats.

ketelhuis EINDHOVEN

Ketelhuis Eindhoven

Amaro initially never wanted to commit himself to one place by means of a permanent restaurant.?Steady costs, days, openingtimes, and faces.All of these would limit him in his freedom to explore the world, and give way to the tornadoes in his head. Then he met Joep Brekelmans. At the time, Joep had a pop-up restaurant, stole Andre's attention and it all ended in a marriage proposal. In the form of a business agreement, but it came down to Andre being a fan of Joep's style, and would he open a restaurant with him. This collaboration created the otherworldly combination between Amaro's lawless but passionate 'brainfarts' and the culinairy perfection that is Joep's. When talking about perfection, I'm not referencing picasso-ish sauce decorations, but flavour. Pure, no-nonsense dishes that defend the honour and honesty of the products they're made of. These days, walking into restaurant Het Ketelhuis Eindhoven, you never know what you'll find. The menu changes daily out of necessity: the cutlets may be boned by the chef himself that very morning, and the vegetables that stole the show yesterday may be replaced because the suplier's garden is empty. Or you may walk into one of the livingroom concerts Het ketelhuis is known for. At the first floor of the building, you'll find a high rising hall with its own kitchen, long wooden tables, cosy lounge corners, and a heat source in the shape of a 2 by 2 meter wide fireplace. Befriended musicians, with capabillities beyond goosebumps, are invited to play within the walls that embody a thing we call 'gezelligheid'. Not to mention the rooftop farm including forest and beehives for sunday afternoon bee-keeping.

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One of Amaro's main motivations, the red thread throughout the entire story, has always been music.He was in bands, had a music store, a concerthall, and his tenure in catering -obliterating the meaning of that word in the proces- started by travelling along with bands and supplying them with good stories and tasty food.
Although Het Stroomhuis embodies several workshops, she is most renowned for her parties with live music and producers that sail their own course. Also at restaurant Het ketelhuis, any opportunity is taken to stage amazing live music performances.
Now we are at the verge of a new adventure, the Kitchenrecordings.
At Het Stroomhuis in eindhoven, new musical schemes are being planned. Musicians gain entrance to a sound studio, a magnificent practiseroom, living quarters, a cook, and someone who knows how to opperate a silkscreen print to produce a recordsleeve or merchandise. the LP will be pressed there and then, to make its entrance into the world as a unique piece.

olive farm CATALUNYA

Olivefarm in El Perejo, Catalunya

Why chastise the body for weeks every year to pick olives? Why bring enormous quantities of olives to the presser every year to produce oliveoil? When at every corner in the Netherlands one can purchase fine oil for an apple and an egg? Because we can! And because your own olive is a good olive.
At an hour's drive from Barcelona, 30 minutes from airfield Reus, Amaro Industries owns 2 hactares of olive trees, surrounded by thyme, almonds and figs. On the orchard's grounds, a simple house with a simple fireplace, but also view of the Mediterranean Sea, and the river Elbro's delta . In one corner stand a dozen bee-hives. That's where our honey is produced. The thyme, the olive oil, the honey. We take it all back to our kitchen.

ghostvillage SPAIN

Ghostvillage Asturias in Spain

The village consisted of at least seven houses and a watermill with forge, where nails were produced. after the Spanish civil war, people moved to the cities, and the village was abandoned. Most houses were reduced to heaps of slate, overgrown with plants and thorn-bush...

In 2001 Andre Amaro purchased the land by the riverside including the ruins of the village. Years later, he divided it amongst his eight most valued friends. In this way, giving a piece of freedom at one of the most beautiful places on the planet. For all eternity they can come there to work at rebuilding a small paradise.

artist in residence

Artist in Residence - Stroomhuis Eindhoven

It happens on a daily basis that befriended artists sit at the table of our open house simply to create something. Drawers, ceramists, graphic artists, you name it.
It has always been one of the trademarks of Amaro Creative Industries to join forces with people whose specialty is another than our own in order to stand together.
Now is the time for a new project. Het Stroomhuis in Eindhoven offers a place to create, give shape and live temporarily. All with a closed wallet and unsubsidised. All that is asked in return is an exposition or content that can be used at festivals.
In this way, Het Stroomhuis embodies life, and will always be a place for inspiration.

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Come create, come experience!

porcelain WEBSHOP

Welcome in our Amaro webshop

The collection 'Drop by Drop' is the ceramic-art, created by Amaro and Nanda. In the wee hours, circa 2012, it became obvious how far you can go with buckets of clay and plaster. A flamboyant collection ceramic was designed, baked, threwn into pieces en resurrected.
The Stroomhuis became infected, bit by bit, with all the new beautiful designs. A true ceramic- and porcelainstudio was installed, including two big ovens. All of our products are designed and critized by our artist. A couple of products go, after the design process, to a factory in Portugal, run by a family of ceramicworshippers.
The collection grows and the items are mostly limited editions, so don't waste any time!
But we don't only offer ceramic, we have a wide range of Portugeese blankets en brick kilns, imported by the family of Amaro. And ofcourse, there's the cookbook 'This is not a cookbook', which you can order here (only for the Dutch reading audience!!).

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Doing good

When hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005, a choice was swiftly made. Amaro booked a seat on the first flight there hoping to be of help to the people in the disaster area. This hope materialised in cooking tons of paella for the locals.
This experience later materialised in the mobile construction 'Katrina', based on the still standing remains of wooden churches in the area (see Mobile Architecture).
In New York , this globetrotter rocks the soupkitchens of the shelters for the homeless, cause he too knows that all 'small' contributions count.
And anyone who lives in Eindhoven or is in regular contact with Amaro Industries knows about the anual christmas dinner for the homeless that is organised at the city's Katharina church.
Although the company is doing good, and the work is up to our lips, the dream remains to unselfishly stand at the ready for those people on the planet who did not always entounter such luck.

chillhouse PORTUGAL

Studio Family House Palmela, Portugal

At a 30 minute drive from both Lisbon's centre and the airport of the same name, a town called Palmela lies on top of a mountain, looking over the sea next to Setubal. This is the village where Andre Amaro was raised on pickled stockfish and fresh oliveoil.
Directions for use: book aticket to Lisbon. Here you are picked up by my stephfather, who drives you to Palmela. there stands the house of my grandmother (now ceased away, but I've never met anyone who was capable of giving more love than she could and this is still felt within the walls).
Open the door, throw your bags in a corner, light up the woodstove underneath the hot-tub (under the lemontree) and pull open a bottle of wine.
This is the description you receive when you are invited to Atelier Palmela. The condition is simple: you cannot rent it, you must earn itAnd so, all through the year, this little house is filled with good friends, acquaintances who come to paint, write, make music.


Pop-up restaurants and workshops

Barefeet in the grass, the scent of garlic, freshly braised in olive oil, humming to the sweet sounds of an unintelligable song that sounds like white beaches. if you make time to pull yourself away from volatile outdoor life, and you dare take place at the terrace of Amaro's restaurant at a festival, you feel vacation.
Countless events the mobile kitchen has withstood. The ruling principles of the restaurant are simple: this is a place of tasty cooking, without prestigeous nonsense, the ingredients are good, and preferably self produced (think olive oil, seasalt, cheese and yes, the first steaks have left the kitchen) and everyone has multiple talents.
This way, you'll end up meeting a chef behind the turning tables, a dishwasher at the piano, or without you knowing, your pasta is prepared by the girl who yesterday operated the cash register.
It is a company that is bound by pearls, where noone needs to be bored. That is noticable from the atmosphere when you sit in the sun, with a glass of wine and a full tummy, watching yet another pan filled with gambas sizzling on the woodfire.
Amaro may have shred his first steps in the 'portugese mountainous wine territories, he is nowhere more at home than in the land with the most festivals per square meter.

this is not a cooking book

Amaro collected

"The background stories take the lead, and the recipes sufferfrom this", wrote one reader.
Precisely: "This Is Not A Cookbook". If you've ever been in contact with one of Amaro's many projects, be it a dinner, festival, restaurant, fashionshow, mobile silkcreen printing workshop, you know that it's all about atmosphere.
This book is carried, with love, by treasured memories, supplemented by recipes.

Within months, the book was sold out in the shops, and facing complete sell out, Amaro purchased the last batch. To hand outto friends, loved ones and relatives (by blood or experience).
With the arrival of this new website, two good tidings can be brought to you.
First off, a number of books is made available through our webshop. Secondly (drumroll) a new book is in the making.
By oktober 2014 our friends at Lecturis will present the new and first print of the continued adventures of Andre Amaro.

Hold on, I'm coming!

mobile architecture

Mobiele Architektuur AKA Brandwacht

We ...prefer our projects on wheels. It's great when your favorite part of the universe is mobile. Whether it's a mobile silkscreen printery, a bakery, woodworkshop, forge, cinema or theaterhall, it does not matter... put sme wheels on it is what we say, so we can show what it is we do in amsterdam, berlin, new york or palmela...
Together with Firma Brandwacht theatretents, we engaged in a great adventure several years ago, by creating a church. A church that seves as a restaurant, theatre- or concerthall, and that is called Katrina, inspired on a church in New Orleans. In the winter of 2012 we built the succesor of Katrina. Under guidance of designer Ernst Sluimer and together with the Brandwacht crew in Soest, our hopeless rock'n'roll cooks from Eindhoven and Amaro's family in Portugal built the Barn. In 2013 part of it was stolen in a trailer containing half of its structure, 100.000 in uninsured damage. Because we received a number of large gifts, AND thanks to the Brandwacht crew that rose to its feet yet again, we were able to rebuild the Barn in all it's glory,
Using these tents and workshops in sea-containers and trucks, we can furnish parts of festivals and other events.

Propgaganda Department

Propaganda Dept.

How about some nice graphic Design, Video and what not! The unique Amaro flavour in visual communication.

After years of working with loads of freelancers and doing all sorts of crazy stunts ourselfs, its time to settle down down like an old lady.

We now have our own Propaganda Department! A few guys were crazy enough to join our circus and to provide us with all the crazy graphics and videos we need. And then some.

They can provide you with a wide variety of concepts and styles to fit your needs.

The fun part about the propaganda dept. is that we can combine all our graphics and videos with all the other disciplines Amaro Creative Industries provides.


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